Tea in Charleston

So after many days shooting on the water at Charleston Race Week (with not a single iced tea in sight), it was my pleasure to head into the town of Charleston to find a well-deserved beverage. My first stop was actually by luck. My original destination was 39 Rue de Jean, where the owner recommended that I stop for lunch before leaving town. I parked nearby at the Charleston Visitor Center and right there in front of me was The Charleston Tea Company on Ann Street. I was exactly what I was looking for, as it was not quite lunchtime and I had a bit more work to finish that day. It was quaint and almost hidden under a parking garage. They have a full cafe menu and the most sugary pralines that I have had to date. Not only do they have a full selection of loose tea of all kinds, but also they also have a grand variety of iced teas ready to pour! I decided on the mint tea. It was power-packed with mint flavor! It was almost…and I mean almost…too minty. But within a minute as the ice started to melt, the flavor eased into perfection.

I was happy again, as the glass frosted over in a chilled tea delight.

But lunch was beckoning me and I was anxious to try out this french bistro, so highly recommended. 39 Rue De Jean on John Street is a throwback to the Brasseries of the 1800’s in France.  It is a 2-story warehouse building that was renovated into this delectable french bistro. Brass railings surround the full bar and the decor is dark, yet with a modern twist. Le téa glacé est tres bon! Although I really would have preferred a St-Germain with Champagne. But with a long drive ahead, I decided against it.

Bouillabaisse was the Plat de Jour and the chef offers Bowls of Mussels prepared six ways on the lunch menu. I was a little surprised to see a full Sushi selection however. I decided in the chicken, ham, and brie sandwich served on a crispy baguette with red wine mustard and arugula. A perfect way to end my trip to Charleston. I hope to return and try all the other specialities someday – and also get that cocktail.

Half Sweet Half Unsweet at 39 Rue de Jean, Charleston, SC

Half Sweet Half Unsweet at 39 Rue de Jean, Charleston, SC

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